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ICMediaDirect Speak To Practices For Addressing Negative Feedback

With respect to ongoing complaints where there is a high amount interaction online, ICMediaDirect advises addressing the issue offline where possible by asking for the customer’s contact information or requesting to contact them in a different manner. Experts at the agency explain that…


ICMediaDirect Notes Studies On Effects Of Negative Online Reviews

ICMediaDirect, the respected public relations and reputation management firm, explains that negative reviews can have a direct effect on a business’ bottom line, as confirmed by data suggesting that 86 percent of potential customers will think twice about patronizing a company with unfortunate…


ICMediaDirect Speaks To Benefits Of Affiliate Summit Event

2016’s edition of Affiliate Summit featured a collection of speakers from many influential and thought-provoking public figures in the field of digital platforms and marketing, says PR firm ICMediaDirect. Speaker Scott Stratten, a social media and relationship marketing expert, President of Un-Marketing, and…


ICMediaDirect To Disclose Invaluable Marketing Advice At Conference

As the world’s most renowned leaders for online reputation, PR powerhouse ICMediaDirect will speak to companies, industry leaders, and influencers at Affiliate Summit East (ASE) 2016 to share invaluable market insights and hear views of other participants on most pressing issues nationwide and…


ICMediaDirect Encourages Close Monitoring Of Online Brand Mentions

ICMediaDirect’s reputation experts recommend that companies monitor online activities regularly so that a reputation management campaign can be implemented as quickly as possible. If an entity keeps a close eye on brand mentions and online reviews, both themselves and agencies can be proactive…