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ICMediaDirect Proud Of Modern Reputation Management Techniques

ICMediaDirect’s proactive approach to reputation management incorporates a variety of state-of-the-art methods. Enhancing a brand’s image and gaining trust are at the core of its online management reputation strategy. An article by Kent Campbell called “How Natural Reputation and Context Affects Online Reputation…


ICMediaDirect Continue Track Record Of Reputation Management Success

With a proven track record of twenty years, ICMediaDirect stands as an industry leader in public relations and reputation management. The brand is committed to devoting its resources to the latest trends in technology and social media that affect the perceptions of companies…


ICMediaDirect On the Importance of Not Ignoring Negative Feedback

Negative reviews can adversely impact prior marketing efforts and hence reputation management should be integrated into a brand’s marketing strategy. “Bad feedback shouldn’t be disregarded, as it can facilitate brands to discover more about their shortcomings and can therefore, enhance the quality of…


ICMediaDirect On Importance Of Building Successful Online Brand

ICMediaDirect, a top public relations and reputation management firm, underlines the importance of building a successful online brand for businesses and personalities. Online reputation management is increasingly useful in the 21st Century as brands form an understanding of the importance of focusing on…


ICMediaDirect Wins Award for Providing Excellent Online Reputation Services to Individuals and Businesses

ICMediaDirect, the DC-based Reputation Management and PR agency in the New York City and Washington, offers keen advice on the role of online reputation for high profile businesses and individuals. The competent team of reputation advisors have been providing brand repair expert services…