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IC Media Direct Transforms Ways Companies Handle Reputation

Public relations and online reputation management agency, IC Media Direct is working to transform the way companies handle brand information. The award-winning firm has revealed the key pillars of managing online reputations while many companies are struggling to enact viable, responsive digital media…


ICMediaDirect Celebrated For Customer Service, Business Ethics

The SBIEC stands as a respected authority on recognizing companies across various industries that meet its standards of excellence. It encourages independent development and entrepreneurial growth, providing the opportunity for companies of all sizes to gain recognition for their performance. Particular focus is…


ICMediaDirect Step Reputation Management Field Up

With their proven track record that now spans more than twenty years, ICMediaDirect stands as a global leader in public relations and reputation management. The brand is committed to its resources in market trends in technology and social media that affect the perceptions…


ICMediaDirect Discuss Recent Study Confirming Importance Of Positive Reviews

A recent study confirmed that 9 out of 10 citizens respond to internet reviews, with participants suggesting they consider reviews on par with a personal recommendation. Prominent PR firm ICMediaDirect pushes the importance of reputation management and works with businesses and high-profile individuals…


ICMediaDirect Warns Companies: Do Not Take Overlook Feedback

Brand reputation management should be a key part of a business’ overall marketing efforts due to the significant impact of a negative online reputation and its direct effect on previous marketing campaigns. When customers head online to learn more about a company and…