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ICMediaDirect Takes Home Third Consecutive New York Excellence Award

ICMediaDirect, the New York City and Washington DC-based Reputation Management and PR agency, provides specialized insight on the significance of online reputation for individuals and businesses. For over 20 years, the team of reputation experts have been offering brand repair services and improving…


Using a Diverse Set of Monitoring Tools Will Make the Task More Efficient – ICMediaDirect

The reputation advisors at ICMediaDirect urge companies to monitor their online activities regularly so that a reputation management plan can be completed rapidly. By evaluating brand mentions and online reviews thoroughly, brands, persons, and agencies can be proactive in their practice of online…


ICMediaDirect Reveals Key Pillars of Managing Online Reputation

ICMediaDirect is a public relations and online reputation management agency that is changing the way prominent individuals and businesses manage brand information. The award-winning firm recently disclosed the key methods of managing online reputation while many organizations are stressed to formulate practical, responsive…


Maintaining a Positive Online Reputation is More Important Than Ever – ICMediaDirect

In a time led by its online sector and the influence of social media, maintaining a positive online image is more relevant than ever according to ICMediaDirect. The inconceivable growth of mobile, keener search tactics, and ever-changing user behavior have steered a new…


ICMediaDirect Note Rise Of Modern Social Channels

ICMediaDirect continues to encourage firms to choose wisely when it comes to connecting with their target customers, using the wide array of social media outlets to reach them. Teens are leaving sites like Facebook, for example, and going to newer options like Snapchat…