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Customers Think Twice Before Buying A Product With Unfavorable Reviews – ICMediaDirect

Leading public relations and reputation management agency, ICMediaDirect asserts that bad product reviews can have an adversarial financial impact on firms, according to data suggesting that 86 percent of potential customers will be cautious about decisions about attaining a product from a brand…


ICMediaDirect – Internet Ideal To Grow Brand Reputation

ICMediaDirect, the experts at today’s electronic marketplace, are a creative content marketer in addition to a technical conduit. Attending this year’s inaugural Content Rising Summit, hosted by Skyword in Boston, ICMediaDirect outlined its commitment to the art and science of brand storytelling by…


Higher Engagement Is An Opportunity For Companies To Build Trust – ICMediaDirect

Managing information available on the Internet is the key pillar of online reputation management. Specialists at ICMediaDirect propose maintaining all online listings related with the brand on numerous platforms, counting local directories, Google Places and other locations that feature such information. Though businesses…