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Experts At ICMediaDirect Suggest The Private Handling Of Complaints

When maximum conversation is online and the situation gets increasingly complex, ICMediaDirect recommends handling the criticism off the internet when possible by asking for the client’s personal details or by requesting to contact them discretely. Consultants at the agency acknowledge that this can reduce…


Customers Think Twice Before Buying A Product With Unfavorable Reviews – ICMediaDirect

Leading public relations and reputation management agency, ICMediaDirect asserts that bad product reviews can have an adversarial financial impact on firms, according to data suggesting that 86 percent of potential customers will be cautious about decisions about attaining a product from a brand…


ICMediaDirect On Changing Social Media Trends

The consultants at ICMediaDirect advise businesses to be sensible when it comes to connecting with their possible customers online because of an ever-growing variety of social media channels to choose from. Young individuals are moving from platforms like Facebook, for instance, to find…


ICMediaDirect Stresses On The Importance Of Building A Successful Online Brand

ICMediaDirect, the successful public relations and reputation management firm, has stressed the positive consequence of a strong online brand for companies and individuals. In the 21st century, online reputation management has become fundamental, as more firms recognize the significance of accelerating their digital…