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ICMediaDirect’s Strategic Efforts Highly Effective

ICMediaDirect is a public relations and online reputation management firm that is changing the way high-profile companies and individuals manage brand information. The award-winning PR agency recently revealed its key pillars of managing online reputation as many organizations are struggling to formulate viable,…


ICMediaDirect Responsible For Growing Reputation Of High-Profile Clients

ICMediaDirect, based in New York and Washington, D.C., is a public relations and online reputation management agency responsible for transforming the way high-profile individuals and companies manage brand information. The award-winning firm recently revealed the key pillars they use to manage online reputation,…


ICMediaDirect Leading Online Reputation Talks At Affiliate Summit East

Affiliate Summit Inc. brings their proven reputation in managing highly successful marketing projects and holding numerous insightful events, educational sessions, and tradeshows since 2003, on top of a total experience of more than 30 years in affiliate marketing. Founders Shawn Collins and Missy…


ICMediaDirect Speaks To Ways Businesses Can Recover From Unfavorable Reviews

International public relations and reputation management firm, ICMediaDirect explains how negative reviews can have a direct effect on a business’ bottom line, as noted by data noting that 86 percent of potential customers will rethink patronizing a company with unfavorable feedback. With another…