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ICMediaDirect Masters Google Search Result Algorithm

The go-to public relations specialist for online reputation management, ICMediaDirect has perfected the process of working with search engine algorithms to minimize negative results. The leading online PR and marketing firm has been helping companies and individuals present positive messages to a higher…


ICMediaDirect Notes Negative Impacts Of Bad Reviews

Brand repair should be an essential step in a business’ marketing strategy because of the significant impact of a negative online reputation and its dire effect on previous marketing campaigns. When customers go online to learn more about a company’s products or services,…


Marcus Hiles Helps Schools Overcome Budget Cuts

Charitable actions akin to Hiles’ have become increasingly vital in recent years, as the city’s inner-city school districts have struggled to overcome a 2011 decision by the state Legislature to cut $5.4 billion in education funding. Hit the hardest by the cuts were…