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Using a Diverse Set of Monitoring Tools Will Make the Task More Efficient – ICMediaDirect

The reputation advisors at ICMediaDirect urge companies to monitor their online activities regularly so that a reputation management plan can be completed rapidly. By evaluating brand mentions and online reviews thoroughly, brands, persons, and agencies can be proactive in their practice of online…


ICMediaDirect – Potential Consumers Spend More Money Online On Brands With Exceptional Reviews

A new survey showed that 9 out of 10 people have faith on online reviews and the participating individuals said that they consider them as vital as a personal commendation from a friend. Award winning PR firm ICMediaDirect knows the prominence of reputation…


Maintaining a Positive Online Reputation is More Important Than Ever – ICMediaDirect

In a time led by its online sector and the influence of social media, maintaining a positive online image is more relevant than ever according to ICMediaDirect. The inconceivable growth of mobile, keener search tactics, and ever-changing user behavior have steered a new…


IC Media Direct Proactive In Brand Reputation Management

Reputation experts at IC Media Direct recommend that companies monitor online activities regularly so that a reputation management plan can be implemented as quickly as possible. By keeping a close eye on brand mentions and online reviews, brands, individuals, and agencies can be…