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ICMediaDirect Helps People And Companies Portray A Positive Image Online

ICMediaDirect , a public relations and online reputation management firm is rethinking the method by which eminent personalities and companies  manage brand information. Recently, the award-winning firm disclosed the primary pillars of managing online reputation while several corporations find it baffling to craft hands-on,…


IC Media Direct Transforms Reputation Of High Profile Clients, Brands

IC Media Direct is a PR and online reputation management company that is transforming the way high-profile individuals and brands manage public information. The award-winning firm recently unveiled the key pillars of controlling online reputation while many organizations struggle to formulate viable, responsive…


ICMediaDirect Honored To Attend Affiliate Summit

ICMediaDirect, one of the global respected leaders in online reputation and a PR powerhouse, joined Affiliate Summit East 2016 along with other companies, industry leaders and influencers to share invaluable market insights with others and hear their views on most pressing issues nationwide…


ICMediaDirect On What Companies Can Do To Recover From Online Negative Feedback

Chief public relations and reputation management firm, ICMediaDirect counsels that adverse product reviews can have a negative financial impact on firms, as per figures quoting that 86 percent of potential customers will think carefully about purchasing a product from a brand with negative…