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ICMediaDirect Advises Addressing The Complaint Offline Wherever Possible

With respect to problematic circumstances where there is substantial interaction online, ICMediaDirect recommends tackling the complaint offline where likely by asking for the customer’s details or demanding to contact them confidentially. Specialists at the firm have noted that this can reduce the impact…


ICMediaDirect Recommends Companies To Be Selective While Connecting With Customers

ICMediaDirect specialists counsel companies to choose intelligently when it comes to connecting with their target customers, with a steadily growing array of social media channels to choose from. Teens are moving from sites like Facebook, for example, to explore fresher options like Snapchat…


ICMediaDirect Step Reputation Management Field Up

With their proven track record that now spans more than twenty years, ICMediaDirect stands as a global leader in public relations and reputation management. The brand is committed to its resources in market trends in technology and social media that affect the perceptions…


ICMediaDirect – Masters In Optimized SEO

ICMediaDirect, an intercontinental influencer for reputation management and public relations, is innovating how brands, businesses, and individuals improve online reputations. The award-winning agency has mastered the methods of search engine optimization (SEO), transforming digital images by seeding affirmative and pre-approved content through top-rated…


ICMediaDirect Continue Building Ways To Boost Brand Reputation

SEO is the key in the establishment, development, and growth of business in today’s marketplace. As stated, “SEO has grown so important that it’s value extends beyond the search engine and even to businesses without a website,” making ICMediaDirect increasingly important for…