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ICMediaDirect Helps Brands Find Best Content Marketing Strategy For Growth

ICMediaDirect, the international public relations and reputation management firm, explaines the importance of creating a successful online brand for businesses and personalities. Online reputation management is increasingly useful in the 21st Century with more companies understanding the importance of digital footprints on their…


ICMediaDirect Offering Brand Repair Services

The New York City and Washington DC-based Public Relations and Reputation Management agency, ICMediaDirect provides specialized insight on the significance of online reputation for individuals and businesses. For more than 20 years, the reputation experts have been offering brand repair services and improving…


ICMediaDirect Outlines the Best Approach to Rectify Online Negative Reviews

Businesses that attempt to create a robust Internet presence and build trust among their consumers often ignore the criticality of reputation management. Local business directories make it convenient for clients to review their own experience with a brand, and businesses should remain aware…


ICMediaDirect Encourages Close Monitoring Of Online Brand Mentions

ICMediaDirect’s reputation experts recommend that companies monitor online activities regularly so that a reputation management campaign can be implemented as quickly as possible. If an entity keeps a close eye on brand mentions and online reviews, both themselves and agencies can be proactive…