ICMediaDirect - Internet Ideal To Grow Brand Reputation

ICMediaDirect – Internet Ideal To Grow Brand Reputation

ICMediaDirect, the experts at today’s electronic marketplace, are a creative content marketer in addition to a technical conduit. Attending this year’s inaugural Content Rising Summit, hosted by Skyword in Boston, ICMediaDirect outlined its commitment to the art and science of brand storytelling by showcasing a new method for conveying powerful concepts through creative marketing. As a company spokesperson profoundly noted, “Our clients have been able to reach a broader base with an uplifting message, simply through the quality of the content they project.” With a content-focused, user-driven strategy developed with the reader in mind, they invite the viewer into a community instead of asking them to simply click. The American Marketing Association exclaimed “focus on user experience” as one of the six SEO rules for 2016, it stands to reason that ICMediaDirect is still ahead of the pack.

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